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Date(s) - 08/07/2010 - 09/07/2010
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Pavia, a small town in the north of Italy, welcomes the meeting “ The cerebellum: from neurons to higher control and cognition”. The relationship of Pavia with the cerebellum dates back to the times of Camillo Golgi, when this outstanding scientist, in discovering the neuronal organization of the brain, dedicated to the cerebellum his specific attention. Since then, cerebellum neuroscience has provided pioneering observations on the nature of ionic channels, synaptic transmission and circuit organization expanding to such an extent that it still represents a benchmark for brain sciences. Cerebellar investigations are providing amongst the highest resolution recordings at the cellular and subcellular level, innovative techniques for neuronal circuits analysis and functional imaging of higher control functions. This stimulating experimental activity is supported by remarkable attempts at developing realistic computational models and multi-scale brain theories, projecting cerebellum neuroscience toward the integration of molecular-cellular mechanisms into circuit and systemic level dynamics. The clinical interest for the cerebellum is also now revitalized, by being this structure at the core not just of motor pathologies like ataxia but also of cognitive pathologies like autism and dyslexia. This meeting aims at bridging these different approaches into a coherent framework by gathering among the most representative neuroscientists in the field.

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