Dr Silvia Molinari


Training 0382 380299 – Library 0382 380251



Curriculum Molinari

  • Collaborators

    1 librarian: Francesca Cappelletti

  • Location

    Training Office: Building 1, Floor 4;
    Library: Building 2, Floor 0A

The Training Office manages, coordinates and guarantees the planning and delivery of training and professional updating/refresher courses by the Mondino Foundation, which, in its capacity as a regional provider, accredits events in the field of CME/CPD (Continuing Professional Development www.ecm.regione.lombardia.it).

The content provided is consistent with the activities of the Foundation and reflects its dual role (healthcare provision and scientific research) as a research hospital (IRCCS) operating in the field of neuroscience and neurorehabilitation. Finally, the Training Office also provides the training required, under law, for administrative staff (managers/supervisors). The instruction is provided not only by “internal” specialists, but also by leading experts at both national and international level.

The training and updating is aimed at all healthcare professionals within the Institute, and also offered externally; indeed, training credits are also available to professionals working locally in Lombardy or elsewhere in Italy.

An important aspect, worth underlining, is the synergy this office enjoys with the University of Pavia and, in particular, with its Department of Brain

 and Behavioral Sciences.

The Scientific Library is a documentation service operating in the fields of neuroscience and neurorehabilitation that clinicians and researchers can use to further their own professional growth. It offers important online information tools (bibliographic and bibliometric databases, full text journals) within both national (Bibliosan www.bibliosan.it) and regional (SBBL www.sbbl.it) reference systems, as well as an efficient document delivery service through the Nilde system. The library’s paper-based assets consist of 13,459 monographs and 568 periodicals, as well as other material, such as private collections, reference treatises, theses etc.); it also has a collection of 31 historical volumes (1750-1850). All the material is cataloged in Opac at both national (SBN, https://opac.sbn.it/opacsbn/opac/iccu/free.jsp) and local level (University of Pavia, https://opac.unipv.it/easyweb/w3006/).