Neurodiagnostics and Services

The Department of Neurodiagnostics and Services is organised in a way that reflects its two different operating roles, namely the management of emergencies/urgent care (in collaboration with the Emergency Neurology Unit) and the provision of routine diagnostics services both for patients hospitalised at the Institute and for external patients.

The Department of Neurodiagnostics and Services oversees several complex units (Neurophysiopathology, Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging, Chemical-Clinical Analysis and Laboratory Medicine Services) and simple units (Sleep Medicine and Epilepsy, Special Electromyography and Peripheral Nervous System Disorders, Paediatric Neuroradiology).

  • Director
    Prof. Arrigo Moglia
  • Secretariat
    8.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.
  • Secretariat
    +39 0382.380244
  • Various locations. See laboratories and units.


This department, through its activity, can support the diagnosis of various diseases.

Operating units

Complex unit

Location: first tower – ground floo

Prof. Arrigo Moglia
tel. +39 0382.380209



Medical staff

  • Enrico Alfonsi (Head of the Special Electromyography and Peripheral Nervous System Disorders Unit)
  • Andrea Arrigo
  • Alessandro Lozza
  • Raffaele Manni (Head of the Sleep Medicine and Epilepsy Unit)
  • Carlo Andrea Galimberti (Head of the Regional Epilepsy Centre)
  • Michele Terzaghi
  • Maurizio Versino (Head of the Evoked Potentials Laboratory)
  • Daniele Bosone (Head of the Neurosonology Laboratory)
  • Natascia Ghiotto
  • Elena Guaschino

Neurophysiopathology technicians

  • Alessandra Montini (Coordinator)
  • Roberto Alloni
  • Laura Bianchi
  • Federica Camasso
  • Gabriella Capone
  • Mauro Fresia
  • Daniele Marchese
  • Lucky Marchetta
  • Marina Ranzani
  • Valter Rustioni (Coordinator, neurophysiopathology technology degree course)
  • Laura Spelta

Assistant: Cristina Valisi

General nurse: Maria Neri

Simple unit

Location: first tower – ground floor

Dr Raffaele Manni
tel. +39 0382.380316


Simple unit

Location: first tower – ground floor


Dr Enrico Alfonsi
tel. +39 0382.380434

Complex unit

Location: first tower – basement floor


Prof. Stefano Bastianello
tel. +39 0382.380208



Secretarial office: Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
Tel: +39 0382.380241
Fax: +39 0382.380313
Secretary: Giuseppe Toletti

Medical staff

  • Ana Bacila
  • Lisa Farina
  • Anna Pichiecchio (Head of the Paediatric Neuroradiology Unit)
  • Elisa Rognone
  • Paolo Vitali

Paediatric Neuroradiology (simple unit) 

Head: Dr Anna Pichiecchio

Radiology technicians

  • Simona Albergati (coordinator)
  • Rui Duarte
  • Arianna Faggioli
  • Giancarlo Germani
  • Roberto Schiappacassa
  • Daniela Tosello

Professional nurses: Paola Jula, Roberta Romanoni

Complex unit

Location: first tower – ground floor


Acting director
Dr Rosa Trotti
tel. +39 0382.380268
+39 0382-380246


Medical Doctor:  Dr. Diego Franciotta (Head of the Neuroimmunology Laboratory)
Bioogists: Dr. Cristina Cereda (Head of the Neurobiology Laboratory), Dr. Elisabetta Zardini
Laboratory technicians: Barabara Borghi, Gaetano Grieco, Luigi Spalluzzi