• Collaborators

    2 child neuropsychiatrists: Adriana Carpani, Martina Maria Mensi

    1 psychologist/psychotherapist: Luca Capone

    3 psychologists (research fellows): Ilaria Maria Carlotta Baschenis, Eleonora Filosi, Marika Orlandi

    1 psychiatric rehabilitation therapist: Lucia Racioppi

  • Location

    Building 2, Floor 2A

In recent years, the Developmental Psychopathology Unit has focused on the following main topics (with results published in various international journals):

  • interaction between the maternal immune system and the fetus as a risk factor for the development of Autism Spectrum Disorders;
  • genetic factors involved in the etiopathogenesis of autism spectrum disorders;
  • characterization of clinical pictures and therapeutic effects in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD);
  • definition of relational factors, also according to the triadic model of family interactions, in eating disorders using a standardized method (Lausanne Trilogue Play);
  • characterization of risk status (particularly ultra-high risk status) for developing psychosis, through the integration of clinical, neuropsychological, and structural and functional neuroimaging data;
  • study of the psychopathological and neuropsychological factors involved in idiopathic headache in children and adolescents.

Lines of research currently under development concern, for example, clinical and therapeutic characterization of Specific Learning Disorders and, more generally, of “minor” neuropsychological impairment in children and adolescents.

Among its main research collaborations, the Unit works with Monza-Bicocca University and with the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation (Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS); it also has a longstanding association with the Lombardy ADHD network, having been a member since it was first established. Within the Mondino Foundation, it works actively and continuously with other centers and units to promote the development of common lines of research; it therefore also has access to diagnostic and research tools (e.g., for MRI and EEG investigations).

Residents from the School of Specialization in Child Neuropsychiatry, University of Pavia, take an active part in the Unit’s research activities; the Unit also has ongoing clinical and research collaborations with various schools of specialization in psychotherapy.

  • Finally, the Unit participates in multicenter trials, often international; in this context, current studies refer to Autism Spectrum Disorders, drug-resistant mood disorders in adolescence, psychotic disorders in adolescence and idiopathic headache in children and adolescents.