Prof. Renato Borgatti


0382 380211



Curriculum Borgatti

  • Collaborators

    Staff of the Child Neuropsychiatry Unit and the Child and Adolescent Neurology Unit

    1 data manager: Caterina Galandra (research fellow)

  • Location

    Building 2, Floors 2A and 3

The Pediatric Neuroscience Center deals with a vast research area covering infancy, childhood and adolescence. It focuses on specific pathologies (e.g. neuromuscular diseases; cerebral palsy; rare syndromes involving the nervous system; cerebral and cerebellar malformations; neuro-ophthalmological disorders; epilepsy; migraine and headache; early- and late-onset psychosis; autism; ADHD; intellectual and learning disabilities; psychopathology of adolescence; eating disorders), as well as situations associated with developmental risk (premature birth; situations of social, cultural and environmental disadvantage; parental psychopathology). 

The research conducted by the Center springs from clinical experience and is expressed in different ways: studying neuropathophysiological mechanisms of diseases; expanding both clinical and instrumental diagnostic assessments; looking at new therapy and rehabilitation programs. Many pharmacological trials (clinical trials) and innovative rehabilitation projects (involving telemedicine and advanced technologies) are currently in progress. In accordance with the most advanced research models in the field of neuroscience, equal importance is attached to the neurobiological dimension and to environmental/experiential influences (particularly those related to parental and, more generally, family dynamics).