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Prof.ssa Simona Orcesi


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    Building 2, Floors 2A and 3

The Pediatric Neurosciences Research Center includes a wide range of scientific areas covering the whole developmental life-span, from infancy to children and adolescents. The main focus is both on pathological conditions (e.g., neuromuscular diseases, cerebral palsy, rare syndromes involving the central nervous system, cerebral and cerebellar malformations, neuro-ophthalmological disorders, epilepsy, migraine and headache, adolescent psychosis and psychopathology, autism, ADHD, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities) as well as associated and prodromic risk conditions (e.g., preterm birth, socio-cultural disadvantage, environmental adversities, parental psychopathology). According to the most advanced research models in neuroscience, appropriate attention is given to both neurobiological predispositions and experiential contributions (especially those related to the early caregiving and family dynamics). Any research project is guided by a translational approach with the final goal of translating and exploiting scientific findings into clinical strategies capable of promoting better health and well-being for at-risk infants and their families.


The Pediatric Neurosciences Research Center features all the staff engaged in research activities and afferent to the Child Neurology and Psychiatry Unit of the IRCCS Mondino Foundation, directed by Prof. Renato Borgatti. The research activity of the Pediatric Neurosciences Research Center is organized in units: