Prof. Michele Terzaghi


0382 380335



Curriculum Terzaghi

  • Collaborators

    1 technician: Valter Rustioni (University of Pavia)

    3 neurophysiology technicians: Federica Camasso, Daniele Marchese, Laura Spelta

  • Location

    Building 1, Ground Floor


This unit deals with sleep disorders and their consequences, and with the study of epilepsy, focusing particularly on pathophysiological interactions between the two entities. The clinical and pathophysiological aspects of various disorders can be defined using internationally validated diagnostic algorithms and highly specialized instrumental examinations.

The Unit’s research concerns the relationships between sleep and neurodegenerative disorders and focuses specifically on: neuropathophysiological and chronobiological characterization of pre-clinical conditions through evaluation of markers of their evolution into movement disorders (Parkinson’s disease and parkinsonisms) or dementia; study of epilepsy with sleep-related manifestations; and investigation of circadian rhythm disorders.

The use of highly specialized neurophysiological instrumental methods, including the study of brain activity through high-density EEG, is an integral part of the Unit’s activity.

The Unit has ongoing collaborations at international level (International RBD Study Group) and nationally, and is recognized by the Italian Sleep Medicine Society.


Specialized equipment:

  • System Plus EEG data acquisition equipment and BQ 3200 analysis software (Micromed)
  • Motionwatch 8 actigraphy recorders
  • System Plus polysomnography data acquisition equipment and BQ 3200 analysis software (Micromed)
  • System Plus dynamic EEG acquisition equipment and sleep-wake cycle monitoring equipment (Brain Spy Plus and Morpheus) (Micromed)
  • Embla© ambulatory polysomnography equipment
  • System Plus EEG and polysomgraphy data acquisition equipment connected via Bluetooth to SD-LTM-32 bs system (Micromed)
  • High-density EEG acquisition equipment, GES 400 series
  • AirSense 10 and Icon auto-CPAP continuous positive pressure ventilators