The Mondino Foundation recently participated in a mission to China, during which it had the opportunity to present its excellence in the field of neurology. The occasion was the 17th Western China International Fair (WCIF) held in Chengdu (Sichuan province), where Italy was this year’s Guest of Honor country. The Mondino Foundation, following an invitation from the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China (CICC), agreed to take part as a member of V-Italy-ty, a delegation of  Italian healthcare enterprises.

The venue for the second part of the mission was Shanghai, where the Mondino Foundation participants met the leaders of the Shanghai International Medical Center (SIMC), a Chinese center of excellence in the field of private healthcare. The meeting included discussion of a possible collaboration based on a joint project to be carried out at SIMC’s Shanghai headquarters.

“In the wake of our experience in the United Arab Emirates in 2017 and the collaboration agreement with EMS, which operates, out of Cairo, throughout Egypt,” remarked Roberto Gardinali, Director of the International Department, “this mission to China shows that the Mondino Foundation, building on its century-long history in the field of neurology, continues to be ready to address and approach the international healthcare sector with the dual aim of increasing its attractiveness to foreign patients and assessing new business opportunities.”



  • Dr Roberto Gardinali – Director of the International Department
  • Dr Jacopo Leonardelli – International Department Manager
  • Dr Daniele Bosone – (acting) Healthcare Director

EMS has the key role to bridge between international patients and Italian excellence hospitals, being the reference point in Egypt and the Middle East for Italian Healthcare services dealing with medical and administrative issues.

Mondino Foundation puts his expertise, accumulated in 100 years of care and research in neuroscience, at the service of a global reality that involves several actors such as EMS.