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The Foundation’s Grant Office (GO), formally established in 2016, carries out a range of activities in synergy with the Scientific Directorate and the General Directorate.  

It is the main source of information on funding opportunities promoted by Italian and international public funding bodies, foundations and other institutions that support research projects and provide grants in the field of neuroscience. 

To raise awareness of these opportunities among researchers, and ensure a constant flow of information, the GO issues monthly, and when necessary ad hoc, newsletters providing information on active tenders. These newsletters contain technical data sheets to allow preliminary analysis of calls for proposals. The GO supports researchers actively, helping them with drawing up proposals, with project planning and management, and with budgeting and reporting. 

Over the past two years the GO has increased its grant scouting activity, and this is reflected in greater participation of the Foundation’s researchers, particularly its younger ones, in national and international calls for proposals. Indeed, in 2019, Mondino researchers presented a total of 58 projects relating to calls issued by the GO, up from just 18 in 2017. 

The GO participates in the IRCCS Grant Office Workgroups (on Training, Planning and Communication, and Technological Transfer) set up by the Italian Ministry of Health. The purpose of these workgroups is to devise new strategic approaches that might increase the competitiveness and optimize the performance and participation of Italy’s research hospitals (IRCCS) in European calls for proposals.