Prof.ssa Silvia Figini


0382 380383



Curriculum Figini

  • Collaborators

    2 mathematicians (PhD students): Elena Ballante, Raffaella Fiamma Cabini

  • Location

    Building 1, Scientific Directorate, Floor 4

The BioData Science research service supports the research activity conducted in a range of areas — preclinical, clinical, genetic and biomolecular — at the Mondino Foundation. It is staffed by individuals with expertise in medicine, mathematics, statistics and engineering, and particularly in the fields of machine learning, deep learning and mathematical modeling, who work in close synergy with all the Foundation’s research areas.

The BioData Science Service is involved in the development of highly innovative statistical, mathematical and computational methodologies able to truly support and promote the advancement of modern biomedical research. It enjoys collaborations with international experts in mathematical and statistical modeling in various fields: medicine, biology, genetics and image analysis.

Several of its research projects are concerned with analysis of causal relationships between clinical, biochemical and genetic markers, with neuroimaging data, and with the development or evolution of Parkinson’s disease.

The service works in close synergy with the PhD program in “Computational Mathematics and Decision Sciences” (University of Pavia), which has an international teaching staff with significant expertise in mathematical modeling and statistics. It is also supported by the University of Pavia’s Departments of Mathematics (mathematical and biomathematical modeling), Physics (medical physics, biophysics, simulations) and Political and Social Sciences (statistics).