Emergency Neurology

Urgent/emergency care services. Implementation of diagnostic and therapeutic protocols for cerebrovascular diseases and neurological problems

Neurology and Rehabilitation

Diagnosis and treatment of highly complex neurological conditions that generate high health and social costs, such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Child Neuropsychiatry (unit)

Hospitalisation and treatment for neurological and psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents (between one month and 18 years of age).

Child and Adolescent neurology (unit)

Hospitalisation and treatment of neurological disorders related to childhood and adolescence.

Neurodiagnostics and Services

Management of emergencies/urgent situations and routine neurodiagnostic activities, performed both for the Institute’s inpatients and for external patients.


100.000 patients per year


105.000 outpatient treatments


4.000 admissions per year